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We've made it!  All is settled with the new baby,  Caitlin has found a new "day job" and as the old saying goes, we're back to the grind with Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel.  Of course, if it really was a "grind" it probably wouldn't be yoga.  After all this is all about giving you a little break.  A chance to let the anxiety and chaos go for a while once a week, once a day or whenever you need it.  We're just super excited to be able to get back to some new episodes and overly grateful too that mom, baby and career are all on track.


With that, let's get on to this weeks practice.  We're doing a wide legged forward fold and goddess pose.  As you follow along with Caitlin, you may notice that you see some relief of headache and fatigue.  Maybe even a little loss of depression heading your way.  That's from the wide legged forward fold, and don't panic, that's all supposed to be happening.  The goddess pose is a whopper!  Legs, calves, abs and knees all effected and it's said to help balance strength and power with inner wisdom is a strong secondary result of the goddess.  Whew!  She's coming back strong!

We wish you a blissful experience as you embark back on the trail of wellness with Caitlin.  Thank you too for hanging with us through the rewind episodes.  Family comes first here at the Muskegon Channel and always will.  On to it!  It's Tranquil Waves Yoga, on the Muskegon Channel. 


Feels good don't it?  If you're new at it, welcome.  If you are a well practiced yoga participant, thanks for joining us.  If you'd like more, or maybe some one on one instruction, Caitlin is open to personal and group ideas for instruction of this ancient art of health and serenity.  You can visit Caitlin online at TRANQUIL WAVES website to learn more.