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We talked last time at length with a very excited Shon Cook about the new arrival coming to her firm to help in the world of mediation.  Shon was bursting at the seams over Jeanie Colella and her expertise in the legal field and the business and non profit world.  Jeanie has spent time as a litigator in the past, she ran the Child Abuse Council in Muskegon for 12 years.  She's been an adjunct instructor at Muskegon Community College and Baker College in Muskegon and holds degrees from U of M as well as Chicago Kent College of Law.  Shon's bringing in a big gun?  You would be guessing right.


Shon is an expert in Family Law, this we know.  Jeanie will be adding her talents to the firm with mediation in Cooperate Law and other areas of expertise and like any professional practice, the added mind power between the collective on hand will only add to the services and best outcomes for the people they serve in their daily work.  To see a business of any kind experiencing growth and depth is always the goal.  With Shon's practice making the move to a much bigger building as well as additional staff and more brilliant legal minds on hand to help in a variety of ways, well, it speaks volumes of the commitment to excellence for everyone no matter the specific legal needs being sought.

This week, Shon and Jeanie buddy up behind the desk in a get to know you type interview.  Jeanie brings a wealth of knowledge and the same personal touch Shon does, and you'll see it quickly in this week's Saturdays With Shon.


Growing, expanding, strengthening the commitment to the best results. That is what Shon Cook Law has been built on and continues to grow by!  If you need legal help or help with mediation a call to Shon's office at 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly or click on the image below to visit her website. 

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