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Our weekly feature with Shon delves into the legal world with the hopes that some of the jargon and legal lingo is made much more easy to understand as we just talk about the different areas of Family Law before you are actually presented with them in a real like situation.  It's an amazing extension Shon's sponsorship of our work and it's also a way for her to help people who may be in need of some legal help be well informed about what they are dealing with and why an experienced attorney who's in search of the best outcome is essential to their needs.


This week, we're discussing guardianship of minor children.  It's a multifaceted angle in the legal world depending on the specific situation.  It could be the loss of parents, possibly the incapacity of parents.  Maybe it's an addiction issue or a dispute between parents who are no longer together.  I can promise you this, from our conversation, it's never an easy endeavor when it comes to deciding who or where is best for a child.  It could be a permanent guardianship or maybe it's temporary and conditional on some things that are laid out by the court for parents to achieve before they can regain guardianship.  This is also sometimes a very emotionally charged situation and can dig much deeper than parents and kids.  Grandparents, extended family and more can become involved.  Like anything Shon undertakes, the best outcome is always the goal.

We spent a few minutes talking about the particulars of it all as well as some of the misconceptions about guardianship.  Take a listen to this remarkably valuable information about a delicate issue.   


Parents are the fist choice for guardianship.  It's an almost unimaginable situation to think of them not, but things happen.  Life can be very difficult and we've all seen how remarkably fragile it is.  If the issue of guardianship presents itself to your family, or someone you know, please don't hesitate to call Shon at 231-894-0909.  You can CLICK HERE to Email Shon directly and of course, find her office online linked below.

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