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This is one to pay attention to guys.  Some of our weeks with Shon, she's able to explain most of what she does on the legal world concisely and help every understand why they need a highly qualified attorney to help them navigate the legal system.  This week, like every other she's able to explain it for sure but even with a second listen to the conversation, there are so many moving parts to this one that you'll come away from this knowing you need a highly qualified attorney like Shon and why their services are so valuable. 


This week, we're dealing with child support and what happens if the state becomes involved due to the need for state aid.  Support actions on the end of the state are put in place to help the state recover the funding they provide if aid is needed and when that happens, it triggers a series of events where the Department of Health and Human Services files a lawsuit against the biological father in order to get the child support.  Yes, this generally includes a HUGE surprise for the biological father because they thought the deal was in place.  The actions are brought through the Muskegon County Prosecutors Office through the Department of Health and Human Services in the name of the mother and even though it was thought all things were settled, you can see where the wheels fall off the wagon quickly.  It's complex.  It can be a cause of tension and as mentioned, quite a surprise!

Shon goes into great detail with today's discussion, and it's really worth more than one listen.  Learn all about support actions.



This is why we have the conversations. This is why Shon sponsors our work and this is why it's vital to you to have representation when it comes to things like child support, divorce or any number of Family Law matters.  If you need a hand, Shon is available at 231-894-0909, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to e-mail Shon directly or visit her website by clicking below.

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