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It's becoming a Sunday morning staple around here!  Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson is a relaxing way to add a little peace and mindfulness to your week while twisting up your pieces parts and making sure your getting some great movement as well as some proper breathing techniques.  It's great for the mind, body and spirit.  


This week, it's a seated half Sun Salutation.  You can still receive the physical and mental benefits of beloved Sun Salutation from a chair. If standing is painful, difficult, or impossible, try this variation of Sun Salutation to feel more you more grounded, balanced, and at home in your body. Bonus: you can do it at your desk for a rejuvenating midday break.  Take it as an opportunity to collect your thoughts anytime the world gets a little too busy for ya and apply the practice as often as you like!

We're so fortunate to have Caitlin as part of the team.  Her practice is ancient, but she's smart to extend it to modern ways of getting it to you.  You can watch here or you can visit her online to learn about more options she offers including digital sessions from her hope to yours.

Now, take a deep breath, find yourself a chair and let's do it!  The Seated Sun Salutation is on The Muskegon Channel with Caitlin Anderson and Tranquil Waves Yoga


Ready for the new day? The new week? Hopefully, a sense of relaxed calm is over you now and you're good.  Caitlin's show is here every week.  You can also find her on The Muskegon Channel for Roku and Fire TV devices.  The Muskegon Channel and Channel 96 Muskegon are available for both of the devices for free and a great way to keep up on local news and events!  Grab them from your channel store today.  If you'd like to know more about Caitlin and her work, click below.

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