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It's an informative and really great topic this week with Attorney and Mediator Shon Cook when it comes to what to do with the house in a divorce case.  Shon comes by and brings all the legal talk down to an understandable and real life way to understand how the process works and how she works to find the best possible resolution for her clients day in and day out.


Division of assets in a divorce can be a grueling process and when you start getting up to the "big stuff" like the house that is owned, it can get very difficult.  Today's housing market doesn't lend itself to making it any easier either.  We all know that housing values are WAY up and when a market analysis is done on a home during a divorce, it can often lead to a bit of sticker shock between the parties seeking the split.  Yes, there are a ton of memories and emotions involved, but quite often, one partner isn't in the position to buy out the other or maybe they can't handle a re-fi to get the property put in their name.  On one hand, yes, it's sad to see the home go, but in today's market for housing, it can generally lead to a little extra for each upon the sale of the home, compared to when the housing market is soft....and both can stand to lose substantially. 

Shon brings her knowledge as both and attorney and mediator to the table this week to discuss the process and she tells you how she networks with other business to help understand the full picture of what to do with the family home.


Life is complicated and yes, sometimes hurts.  A divorce is never the "goal line" when people get married, but to know that there's help far beyond someone just filling out paperwork and filing things with a court, that's the decision you should be making when it comes to picking a lawyer that will help you achieve the best outcome.  Savvy, eyes wide open and the ability to see a bigger picture while you're involved in the process is exactly what you'll find with Shon Cook and her staff.  Call 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her directly or follow the link below to visit her office online.

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