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Ready for this?  Not only is it your weekly dose of Zen, we've gotten to the point where Caitlin is getting some interaction from the audience and the request has been "more chair yoga".  Like most any other great instructor, Caitlin knows that giving the audience what they are looking for combined with the things they might not quite be sure about is what the job entails, so the next few weeks, it's an adaptive regimen that can be done in a chair!

This week, the Crescent Lunge in a chair!  What is the crescent lunge good for?  Glad you asked!  Crescent Lunge Pose stretches the hip flexors and quadriceps. 1 This is a useful counter-stretch for front load-bearing workouts such as cycling and running, as well as for those who sit much of the day. 2 It also opens the chest, shoulders, and torso. You can practice it to build your balance and stability.  Add in the chair and you're going to find a great way to start in yoga or, if you have balance and coordination issues, you can get the effects without the worry!

Let's jump in to a few weeks of Chair Yoga with Catlin Anderson and Tranquil Waves Yoga on the Muskegon Channel. 


Now is a great time to tell some friends, or maybe your parents about what Caitlin is up to for a few weeks! Share the link to this weeks episode with them and let them feel the difference a few moments of peaceful motion and mindful escape can do for them!  If you'd like to know more about Caitlin and her practice, visit the Tranquil Waves Yoga website linked below!  She offers all kinds of options for you and to take this ancient discipline to the next level is highly recommended for a more balanced and happy life.  

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