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It's the holiday season and if the standard amount of stress just isn't enough for you, well, let's add in some discussion about parenting time and on top of that, let's make it a disagreement between parties involved about who gets the kid and when.  Pass the Alka-Seltzer right?  Attorney Shon Cook is sharing some incredible advice this week on how to best resolve the situation, may be a little late. 


It can be difficult in co-parenting as we've discussed plenty of times.  It also gets more stressful when big occasions are happening like a vacation, a holiday or some other kind of traditional event that one parent wants a child for and it might need to bring about some flexibility.  Some flex, some don't, some try and some fail.  The key to all of this is keeping in mind that what's best for the child is paramount.  They are not really a bargaining chip and if the contention is such that agreement can't be made over some variation in the schedule, refer to the agreement that you had initially at the divorce.  Don't have it?  Maybe call your attorney for a copy?  

What you really don't want to do is go running to your attorney or the courts with 5 days to go before a holiday to try and resolve a situation because 1) you're probably too late by now already 2) what's been written is probably going to be what they tell you to do if they can get you an answer and 3) yes, these are legal professionals and they work for the best resolution for their clients, but you're asking to repeat what's already been done and without some serious situational circumstances, you're probably going to be disappointed in what you get back.  Shon explains it all this week in our feature.


It's best to remember, that in as much as the differences that kept things from working between the parents, this is a separate individual who loves both parties who can't seem to agree.  Make sure that any and all differences are settled well ahead of time if it comes to visitation over the holidays or anytime there may need to be flexibility and if it's just not possible, Shon is a great call for mediation or other legal services and will always seek out the best resolution for her clients.  You can contact Shon at 231-894-0909.  You can EMAIL SHON DIRECT by clicking there, and of course, find Shon online by clicking below!

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