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We go back a few months for this weeks episode of Tranquil Waves Yoga with Caitlin Anderson on the Muskegon Channel and focus on your mind!


The Practice of "Vipassana" or Mindfulness is what Caitlin brings this week. Yoga is a practice of mind, body and spirit and she's going to help you learn more on Tranquil Waves Yoga.  This is a special episode and there's not a lot to do other than clear your mind and let Caitlin give you a path to some ways to reduce stress and manage the chaos of daily life.

Relax, enjoy your Sunday morning Zen and learn a little about Mindful Meditation with Caitlin Anderson on the Muskegon Channel. 


Nice huh? Now, put that in your back pocket and break it out anytime you need a "moment".  Stressed at work?  You have a tool.  Kids driving you nuts?  It's your go to.  It's small step into an easier way to handle just about any situation and weekly, we try to bring you a snippet of what yoga is all about.  Caitlin offers a much deeper experience if you'd like to learn more.  Visit her website by clicking below!

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