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It sometimes comes down to a settlement.  Hopefully the settlement can be reached long before any court time or litigation is needed, and that it the main idea.  Attorney Shon Cook works for the best outcome for her clients through mediation or litigation and this week, we talk about the process of a settlement and how it's reached. 


The first goal of almost any attorney should be resolution and satisfaction of their client.  Sometimes mediation works, but others, it requires heading to the court to have a judge help settle matters.  Keep in mind, as we've talked over and over, when you leave the final decision up to the judge, you are truly giving up control of the outcome to someone who's got no emotional attachment to the case and is making decisions based on guidelines.  It's risky territory with so much at stake.  Working to find the resolution before it gets to that point is what the best outcomes usually come from. 

The resolution however, can be the drama that seems to be what's best avoided in a legal proceeding.  This week, Shon does share an example of that kind of situation.  The kind or preparation that goes into a case that litigation is going to happen in, the kind of strategy that plays out during a trial and in the hours before and after and how it all works between attorney's, judges, clients and the final resolve.  It's a complicated story, take a listen.



A little drama. A whole lot of work and tense moments for sure.  Shon Cook will work to avoid it first and foremost, but should it come down to court time, know that she and her team have years of experience in both mediation and litigation and that the ultimate goal is the best outcome for her clients.  If you need a hand in Family Law or mediation, Shon is the clear call to make.  231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and of course, find her online by clicking below.

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