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We welcome in a new year.  The beginning of 2022 is here and with all of our hopes for the very best for you and yours, we step into the future with the bright outlook for a new beginning and a return of hope for all of us.  It's been a pressure cooker for a few years, no one can really deny that, but with a new chapter to be written, we carry on. 


Part of that future can certainly being you to some self evaluation and stopping to see where life has you at the moment is important.  If in that self examination you find that your current situation in marriage isn't what it should be, this week Attorney Shon Cook is bringing some very simple and practical advice to the table.  While a divorce isn't a decision that usually comes overnight, it is something that people need to plan for in advance to know what to expect when the proceedings begin and what they will need to have on hand when it does start is an essential piece of the best outcome. 

Shon brings an open an honest discussion about the things you will need this week.  Things that will add to the stability of your decision as well as ways to reassure yourself that taking a step like a divorce while difficult, is the right thing to do.  Take a listen to our discussion. 


If the time has come and the white flag is've done all you can to make it work but it's turned into a pattern of repeated behaviors and no real progress, it might be time to talk to Attorney Shon Cook now that you know how to best prepare to make a change in life as dramatic as a divorce.  It's a process that can be very difficult on all parties, but Shon and her team seek out the best outcome for all of their clients and you can reach them in a number of ways.  You can call, 231-894-0909, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and you can click on the image below to visit Shon online via her website.

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