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We are so pleased to continue our partnership with Mercy Health in Muskegon for 2022.  With this partnership, we're able to bring you incredible information from the top minds in their field when it comes to medicine and over all health and we're so incredibly fortunate to get this level of direct access.


As we get into the middle of January, some are holding true to the classic new years resolution, while others may be beginning to slip and others, well, they've chucked it already.  Weight loss is of course one of the top resolutions year in and year out, but once the initial drive slips, old habits reappear and quite often, we're right back into what got us there in the first place.  Changing those kinds of habits and behaviors is hard.  You've probably heard of bariatric surgery but did you know that there's more to it than most know when it comes to making those changes? gluckjpegDr. Gluck Online

Dr. Brian Gluck is the Medical Director of Bariatrics at Mercy Health in Muskegon and he got into this line of health care from past experience.  When he was just a boy, he was 100 pounds overweight and was able to correct that early enough to make the changes stick, but he talks about how that changes hormonally as adults and how part of the bariatric process resets those hormones that trigger feelings of hunger or cravings for something like sugar.  Bariatrics began in 1969 as Dr. Gluck explains and as it's grown, there's been more than one form of the procedure that's developed.  The Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy and the Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastirc Bypass.  A conversation with Dr. Gluck would determine which procedure is best for you.

In our discussion too, we talk about some of the added benefits of Bariatircs.  Not just the weight loss, but diabetes, join pain, sleep issues and more.  We also take it personal with some questions from Andy about his own eating habits and what would be applicable to him in Bariatircs.  With over 20 years experience in Bariatric surgery and 7500 of them succesfully completed, Dr. Gluck knows his stuff.  Take a listen.   


It's a huge commitment to make a life change like this. It's also a life long reward and a chance to make that life long reward go on a little longer for you and those you love. Is a Bariatric procedure right for you? Find out at one of Dr. Gluck's seminars.  Maybe give his website a visit or call the office.  A new year, a healthier life and an end to the pendulum swinging of weight loss and gain.  It can happen with the skilled, caring hands of Dr. Gluck at Mercy Health!  Visit the Mercy Health Bariatric page by clicking below!

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