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Weekly, Attorney Shon Cook joins us for some practical talk about the legal world and helps to boil down the jargon to plain talk so everyone has a grasp on the everyday of the legal world.


This week, Shon is talking about wills and estate planning.  These are often set up and as they should be, forgotten about until the worst happens.  No one really wants to hover over the idea that we're all going to die or that our estate, large or small will someday have to be divvied up.  Generally, we see an attorney, we get things handled, we figure out which kid gets the china cabinet and which one gets the antique car and that's that.  Life goes on happily.  Well, sometimes the happily ever after is elusive and when that happens, it's generally the last thing on your mind about what's in the will and how will that effect the divorce proceedings. 

If the time comes that things are ending, your attorney needs to know about a will or estate plan to avoid a lot of problems down the line.  A lot of problems.  A clearly set plan to enter into the divorce agreement with all of the assets, liabilities and agreements are seen and understood.  What once was will be no more and in the idea of the best outcome for all, to be upfront and honest about these documents is essential.  There may even be some action taken by the court temporarily to freeze what's there as the proceedings take place and when it's over, the new paperwork will clearly define what the entitled parties are going to get.

This is one of those topics that, quite honestly, in the heat of the moment in life is easily forgotten.  A divorce is often traumatic and stopping to think about the will, probably not what's on everyone's mind.  Shon carefully explains it all and helps people understand the process and how she can help as you go through the process.  Take a listen.


The amount of thought that goes into everything that needs to be addressed with a pending divorce is overwhelming.  The overwhelming part is doubled by the emotional toll on those in the middle of the divorce.  If you need to have a hand sorting it all out and achieving the best outcome, call Shon.  231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her directly and of course, click on the photo below to visit her online.

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