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Who's right and who's wrong?  In a divorce, there is always that question.  It's a matter of who's at fault in the minds of either party and either party could be right, either party could be wrong.  The one thing that both parties have to keep in mind is that the court and the attorney's are not the ones trying to find the blame in this kind of thing.  In a criminal case, it's about finding out the "whodunnit", in a divorce matter it's a matter of divide assets figure out custody of kids and work for the best outcome over all.  In fact, according to Attorney Shon Cook, not sticking to the plan of what's in the business of a divorce, it can cause frustration in the process.


As we've talked before, there's rarely a "gotcha" moment in real court proceedings.  Things like infidelity, abuse, substances and dishonesty are factored in some according to Shon and they do carry a heavier toll when kids are involved.  The job of the court however is to separate the emotional part of the divorce and decide who gets what in the process of dividing assets.  It seems pretty cut and dry, but as you'll hear Shon explain this week, judges and attorneys jobs are to handle the legal end of things and maybe suggest the idea of someone more qualified to help with the emotional parts of the ending like a counsellor or doctor if it's to the point of that much anguish.  We all carry our burdens and responsibilities and we all wonder too "What did I do wrong" if the happily ever after ends, it's human nature. 

Shon opens the conversation this week with the thought of "Who's the sinner?"  Well, in a divorce case, who the sinner is isn't focused on as much as how do we resolve who gets what and why, and she's much better at explaining all of this, so without further adieu, here's Attorney Shon Cook with our Saturdays With Shon feature on the Muskegon Channel.


No one gets married with an end in mind.  Lives change, people change and things happen past our control.  While the process of change during and after a divorce is very real and individual on scope, the best outcome for clients is what Shon strives for every time if it's litigation, mediation or representation.  Please call her if you need Family Law help at 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and he website is linked below if you'd like to make contact that way.

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