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Every week, Attorney Shon Cook joins us for a segment to discuss the somewhat overwhelming field she's in.  The legal world comes with a lot of jargon, a lot of overwhelming emotion, a lot of patience and so much more.  An expert to make it understandable for everyone is what Shon brings week after week, more often than not.


This week, it's a little different side of Shon.  Shon is in a place where a lot of peoples heaviest burdens come down on her.  What made a marriage fail?  What went wrong in someone's life that has custody of their children in jeopardy?  What has to be sorted out in a divorce after years of the "happily ever after" fails?  All of these come in to play when she's working with clients and today, Shon is sharing a side of an attorney's life seldom seen.  Compassion fatigue is what it's called and while those who work closely one on on with people who are in need of direct assistance are used to some methods of handling the problem, we as a society are all enduring it to a degree now and Shon is just sharing some life advice this week.

How does Shon process all the burdens laid upon her and her staff?  They work under confidentiality agreements so they can't really go blabbing around the water cooler.  They deal with some of the most intimate stories told of any situation, so to have that get out would clearly be a breach of contract.  They bring the thoughts home and might be able to say "I had a bad day" and that's about it.  It can be quite a boiler room mentally.  It's something Shon wants to share as the general public seems to be encountering more and more of it through social media, traditional media, "fake news", politics and everything.  As the conversation unfolds, a hint of he concern seems to be directed at a certain friend of hers, so he jumps in with is go-to's when it comes to finding that balance.

Take a listen to Shon as she explains dealing with compassion fatigue and ways to prevent mental stress taking over more of your life. 


Great advice from a woman who's clearly well exercised in not only working for the best outcome for her clients, but can also share a peek behind the curtain on how to best deal with life on life's terms and how to handle the pressure we all seem to be under.  Shon is an incredibly dedicated Family Law Attorney if you need her help, call 231-894-0909, you canThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and you can click on the photo below to visit Shon's website.

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