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Monday!  You are here and ready to conquer!  Right?  After all this is what it's all about!  New week, new attitude, one step closer to Spring and a little more focus on YOU!!  It's a new episode of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel and she's making it as easy as she can for you this week by only using what the Good Lord gave ya!  Yep, you'll only need your body weight for resistance, BUT there's a catch this week!  


Yes, you are going to be going a little longer in the video demo to begin with and it's very important to remember that like any of Becky's training video's here, they are best done, 3 or maybe 4 times through for the most effective results from all you'll learn.  Go through this a few times in the morning then again a few times in the afternoon or evening and take full advantage of having your own personal trainer right there showing you every step of the way from her years of knowledge and experience.  

Like any workout program, consult your Dr. before you begin, make sure you warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of water.  It's Episode 220 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Mercy Health on the Muskegon Channel. 



Just like that!  You are ready to conquer Monday and rule the week!  Blood is pumping, adrenaline is up, got a little sweat going and you're on fire!  We're here weekly with a new episode for you and moving the show to the Neal Fitness Center at the Boys and Girls Club on Muskegon Lake!  Don't forget too that Becky's "Day job" is real estate!  Looking to buy or sell?  You'll find Becky linked below! 

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