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Delay of game!  How appropriate on this of all weekends to bring a sports analogy into the mix on our weekly feature with Attorney Shon Cook.  Shon is a Family Law Attorney in Muskegon and every week she comes and joins us to break down the legal speak to help people understand better her highly specialized profession and so many intricate parts of it that are required to be just right in order to attain the best outcome for her clients.


This week, Shon dives into the "delay of game" idea when it comes to parties working together to settle matters in a timely and fair manner.  The first key take away this week, is communication.  If you are working with someone who simply will not communicate it's not going to bode well for them if they think silence is golden.  Every attempt at communication is recorded and saved, phone calls logged, e-mails kept, no shows for meetings all kept track of.  Judges REALLY don't like not having their orders followed.....can you see where this one might be going?  Being willing to at minimum just communicate your end of the dilemma is essential as the legal end of things tries to sort it all out.  

There are some questions, like is it ever a worthwhile tactical move to be silent or is it a money game sometimes for someone to continue to delay and delay and delay until the other side runs out of money?  Shon addresses all of it and more in this weeks episode of Saturdays With Shon on the Muskegon Channel. 


Dealing with the "tough stuff" isn't first on anyone's list.  It's like this though.  Nothing is going to magically "go away" in a legal process.  Being up front, honest and transparent and helping your team accomplish what they need to to get in front of the judge and find the best outcome is the goal and being respectable and cooperative is only going to save you time, money and dignity.  Shon and her amazing staff are there if you need the assistance.  Call Shon at 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly or, link over to her website by clicking below.  

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