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February is focused on the heart in more ways than one.  Sure, we get all mushy over Valentine's Day and everything, chances are you may have even been handed a heart filled with some of your favorite treats or maybe a card filled with sentiments that made your heart go pitter pat.  All wonderful ways to remind you of the symbolic meaning of a heart and all that's attached to it.  It's a powerful emotion, but it's also a powerful muscle and much like all of our emotions, maintaining the power of the actual you can live to experience those emotions and life at it's fullest, well, that's Dr. Dan West's main focus!


Dr. West is a Cardiologist at Mercy Health in Muskegon.  He's a Reeths-Puffer Rocket and in his adventures away from Muskegon, he started out at Michigan Tech to be an engineer, but as school progressed he found himself more and more interested in medicine, particularly the heart and he then brought his talents back here to take care of his hometown.  He's thought of very highly among his peers and patients and he's also remarkably proud to be a part of a health team at Mercy Health - who offers one of the most comprehensive heart care facilities anywhere.  We are very fortunate to have Dr.'s and a facility like Mercy Health right here in Muskegon to provide such care. dan westDr. West Online

With this being Heart Health Awareness Month, Dr. West joined us today to speak about some of the things we all need to remember about caring for our heart.  He's also talking about some definitions of heart disease, risk factors, how people can decrease their risk for heart disease and why things like lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol are so very important.  Yes, Dr. West also talks about the importance of quitting smoking, regular exercise and a proper diet too.  Some of these things....they are all on the back burner when we're younger, but as mid life approaches, much more attention is needed and if you are young, get yourself a head start.  It's never too late to begin. Dr. West even goes on to talk about some of the absolutely jaw dropping advancements that have been made in clinical heart care.  From the ability to put in a pacemaker though a vein to the WATCHMAN device, which we spoke with Dr. Thormeier about not long ago, modern miracles are happening right here in Muskegon with hearts!  Take a listen! 






Your heart is so much more that something going bump bump bump in your chest.  One, there's the whole thing about your heart keeping you alive......we got that.  Two, your heart is where YOU come from!  So much is stored in our heart!  Our ability to love, laugh and inspire.  Our ability to be human and share compassion and care.  Three, your longevity!  Hey, we need to keep you around for a while!  You're kind of a big deal you know, so take what you've heard from Dr. West today and put it to work!  If you've not had a regular check up lately, make sure you do that.  Mercy Health has amazing Dr's., like Dr. West who can help you every step of the way.  Don't delay either.  It's safe to return to the doctor or the hospital for the routine checkup's as well as those urgent needs and Mercy Health is there to help you every step of the way.

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