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Monday!  The word comes with all kinds of baggage right?  Well, here.  Let's unpack all of it.  Sure, it's the beginning of the week.  Yes, it's the end of the weekend.  There are quite a few days ahead for you actually before you get to sleep in again.  BUT!  It's also the last day of February.  March begins tomorrow.  If you've not heard, most everything surrounding the virus is backed off and work up even more awesome today than you were yesterday!  BOOM!


Let's get on to it!  Becky is at the Neal Fitness Center with episode 223 of Fit and Healthy brought to you by Mercy Health!  We're working on some arms and core stuff this week and if you have a set of lightweight dumbbells handy, those are going to help immensely.  It's a good time to start toning up for the summer season and as it's looking, it's going to be a busy one with a lot of people making up for lost time and opportunity to gather and play while we all kinda sat in the reserves over the last couple of years.  You'll need strength, stamina and of course your "shorts body" back so let's get to it!  The video presentation should be done 3-4 times through and twice a day for the best results.  Keep that in mind!

Please make sure you check with your Dr. before you begin this or any workout program.  Warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of water.  Here comes episode 223 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Mercy Health on the Muskegon Channel.


How ya feel! That case of the Monday's? GONE!  We're heading into a new month!  We're heading into a new season and with all of the best hopes in the world, we're heading away from a time that none of us will soon forget!  Carpe Diem!  That means seize the day and make it happen with the little boost of energy you got here and don't be afraid to share it with friends or, watch on a bigger screen of you have the Muskegon Channel for Roku or Amazon Fire TV!  All of the Muskegon Channel programming is there for you to see!


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