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It was just a couple weeks ago that we concluded our weekly chat with Attorney Shon Cook and let the idea out that she'd be happy to entertain your question about her profession and how things work.  There was a moment of shyness from the gallery of viewers, but slowly and surely, the questions came trickling in and this week, we're taking the time to answer a couple of them.


First, the most surprising part was the nature of the questions.  Like most any expert, Shon jumps to the more difficult elements of her work.  How some of the "big stuff" is handled has been the order of business, but simplicity is often overlooked by those who do something day after day.  This is what makes opening the floor up to questions so incredibly valuable and how Shon is able to shift gears and provide the answers is what the segment is all about!

We start off with the idea of picking the right lawyer.  How do you go about picking a lawyer that will be an adequate partner in the outcome of your legal issues?  What questions do you ask of an attorney?  Should you visit more than one attorney when deciding on a partnership?  Shon really provides some incredible insight.  Next, one question that's on anyone's much is this going to cost?  Understanding the structure of legal fees and what's included and what's not is really not at the forefront of many people's mind when they are in an emotional situation that might call for legal help, and understanding what you're paying for and why is a BIG deal.  Get the answers right up front on all aspects of this part of a partnership with an attorney.

Shon keeps it simple and direct about both of these questions and takes the idea of simplicity and expands it into highly defined and easily understood terms for anyone.  Take a listen. 


It's incredible to have Shon with us as a sponsor and contributor.  She is able to help explain the tough stuff and we can easily shift and answer the seemingly basic questions that we might not even think of.  Shon is a 2022 "Super Lawyer" as ranked by Thompson Reuters and her goal always is the best outcome for her clients through mediation or litigation.  You can call 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

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