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Some as semblance of normal is coming around with the numbers of infections dropping off like they are in Michigan and across the nation and it's a much welcome relief as Spring rapidly approaches and we look forward to a Summer that should be what we are generally used to.  (Insert a sigh of relief).  All we've been through has been difficult and we've got a ways to go when it comes to some of the "clean up" of areas of our work and routines, and the court system which is still Zooming a lot and doing what they can to get caught up.  Some jury trials are a couple years behind. 

As a reminder this week, Shon is speaking on areas where people can help alleviate some of the backlog as well as seek out ways to settle their cases without leaving the decision to a random stranger who happens to be in a robe.  As she's recommended over and over, seek out a professional Mediator.  Mediation is sometimes ordered by the court as part of the process and can bring resolution to people that is agreed upon by everyone.  The mediator acts as a go between to help facilitate and keep people in emotional check, because yes, things can be remarkably difficult when passions arise and things like homes, child time and more are at stake.  Taking it to court is a possibility, but avoiding it is a better option.

Shon speaks on broad terms.  Every situation that's discussed here is meant for general purposes and every case is unique.  Make sure that if you need legal help you speak to a highly qualified attorney of mediator like Shon, but take a listen to our conversation this week and think about how we can all work together to help get the courts back in motion, and quite possibly some better results for all.  


It's a busy time for the courts and as we've discussed, taking it to "court" might not be the outcome you hope.  Options should be explored.  Pros and cons weighed and the best advice sought.  Seeking help is easy.  You've already heard from one of the best.  You can EMAIL SHON.  You can also call 231-894-0909 or visit

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