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There's an old saying - "Why do lawyers cost so much?  Because they are worth it."  Generally it's thrown out there when talking about a divorce, but, there are other situations in the legal world that can get so remarkably complicated that it takes not only a lawyer, but the team that helps support them behind the scenes to get through the wrangling and red tape.  This weeks installment of Saturdays With Shon is one of those situations. 


Let's say we're dealing with a custody case.  Let's say a little further into it, one of the parents in the custody case needs to move and things need to be rearranged to suit the needs of everyone with that move.  This is where the legal gears begin to turn and things can get remarkably complicated when it comes to where jurisdiction lies for compliance with court orders.  Let's say you're moving within the county.  Probably not a need for an attorney.  Moving a county over?  You might want to make a call.  Moving across the state, they are going to need to hear from you.  Somewhere else in the country?  Saddle up buckaroo.  There will be a whole lot of transferring of paperwork, friend of the court stuff and agreements made.  This is why highly qualified attorney's are needed, like Shon.

It's a complicated situation, and like always the goal is the best outcome for clients.  It's not an impossible task by any imagination, but as you'll hear in the discussion this week, there are an awful lot of layers in to a move that need to be met so everything is on the up and up.  Take a listen!


That's a lot to follow right?  Like any of Shon's weekly topics, they are general informational purposes and specific questions should be addressed to a highly qualified attorney or mediator.  If you are considering a move and you have specific orders on custody you can give Shon a call at 231-894-0909. EMAIL SHON HERE or visit her website by clicking below. 

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