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Attorney Shon Cook utilizes her weekly Saturday visit with us to talk about all kind of legal things surrounding family law.  Procedures, some of the things that people assume are part of the process but could use a little more direction on, some of the more complicated things involving custody, financials and asset division.  We've talked at length in the past too about parenting time, and most recently what happens if one party or another moves and how that can effect legal issues.  Attorney's are needed quite often, but sometimes....and how many attorney's will tell you this, you might not need one at all.  


A "do it yourself divorce" is possible.  The State of Michigan has a website that can help walk you through the process of all of the paperwork you'll need to have on hand to file with a judge to get a divorce.  However, there are some very specific criteria that need to be met to make this DIY divorce a possibility and having all of the "I's dotted and the T's crossed" before you get to that final day in front of the judge is essential to assure that things can be handled in an efficient manner and that the time spent by you and the the judge in the case isn't wasted. 

Shon explains in remarkable detail this week how a divorce can be granted without having to involve the attorney's, she's also sharing some specific instances when the help yourself divorce kit just won't work.  Take a listen.  


There's an easy option if there's not a lot to have split up. However, a divorce is a complicated and emotionally difficult thing for anyone to endure. If it can be done with just the two, by all means, but if the help of a highly qualified attorney like Shon Cook is in order, please, call 231-894-0909, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit her website below.

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