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Attorney Shon Cook is a weekly contributor and great sponsor of our work at the Muskegon Channel.  She joins us to help breakdown some of the more complicated issues people face in the legal world and brings what they face into a "plain English" conversation so that if/when they need some kind of legal assistance they are aware of what the are facing and not intimiadated by hearing it for the first time when they are in the middle of legal proceedings of their own.


This week we're talking about the issue of child support.  There are couples who can master the art of co-parenting as seemingly simple as if nothing ever happened to them.  Idealistic for sure, but they are out there.  There are others who can agree on terms and carry on and there are those who become involved in a never ending dispute over time, money, who's right and who's wrong.  The stress of a relationship ending.  The feelings surrounding one parents time vs. another's.  The money.  It all plays in and adds to the need for some help.

In Michigan there's actually a State calculator that helps decide what child support should be.  There are also two layers of guidelines that are applied when the decisions are being made.  Think back to the opening paragraph, "complicated issues".  We've found one.  A number of factors play in to all that goes into the sum and Shon helps explain them and how knowing about them in advance can help you when it comes to the time it takes to achieve the best outcome for all.  Take a listen.


It's not the story book ending, when child support is part of the story.  Finding the best resolution for the children is the key however and working with a highly qualified Attorney like Shon can help.  Even if it's one of those endings that's mutually agreed upon and everyone is all cool, navigating the process can be difficult and help is there.  If you need to get a hold of Shon 231-894-0909, EMAIL SHON by using that link and of course, click below to visit her online.

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