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Welcome to a Saturday and another visit with Attorney Shon Cook.  Shon helps people understand some of the more intricate parts of the law with her weekly segment, and by her allowing people to get a better understanding of some of what seems difficult to the layman, gives them the knowledge they need to understand if they need legal council for a problem they face or not.  Some of what Shon discusses is simple enough that people can find a way to handle issues without having to go to court.  Some of what's offered too can be handled with arbitration or mediation which are great options outside of litigation!  She's got all the solutions.


This week, it's all about emergency orders.  If in a legal situation an "emergency" arises and motions need to be filed, there are some things you may need to know in advance.  First, what defines an "emergency"?  There are some things that are clearly of an emergency nature and some may not quite fall into that category.  It's the experience of a highly qualified Attorney like Shon that can help understand the difference, because if it's not under the emergency category, "sanctions" can be involved.  Secondly, the idea of "Exparte".  What is that?  That's a filing from one side of a dispute that is done without the immediate notification and knowledge of the other.  There is still time for an appeal to the filing but if the judge sees that imminent danger is sufficient the order may come and the questions get asked later, to air to the side of caution.  

This is one of the more complicated situations we've talked about and if you listen closely to Shon, you can understand why.  She's even got the book out to quote some of the procedural stuff on this weeks episode.  This is a general purpose conversation of course.  All legal situations are unique and when they are this complex, a highly qualified Attorney is highly recommended. 


As mentioned. This is one of those areas that trying to go it alone is probably not in the best interest of anyone.  Shon Cook and her staff can help you right from the start in understanding if you truly have the need for an emergency order or if it's just one of the problems that can be handled in time.  Being so close to a legal situation quite often leads to emotional reactions and that's where the expertise of highly qualified Attorney's like Shon come in.  Call 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click below to visit her website and get the help you need!

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