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Let's go!  It's a Monday and Trinity Health wants you up and at 'em and Becky is here to see to it you get moving!  Fit and Healthy with Becky is your weekly kick off to the week that involves a kick in the pants too to help you get some movement in, pump that heart of yours and maybe break a sweat if you follow through on all that Becky recommends with her weekly work out from the Neal Fitness Center.


Those recommendations are generally more than what you see of course.  Becky sets for the program for you in the video, then it's up to you to go through it the 3 times at a shot, and maybe 2 times a day to make sure that you are getting all you can out of what she's showing you.  Why?  Well, quite honestly, because we need ya!  Yes, you are kind of a big deal and this bit of energy and vigor is brought to you JUST for you and your health!

This week, Becky has opted for some smaller circuilar weights.  They could be found on a bar and bench press but, the inventiveness of Becky knows no limits.  Her Certified Personal Trainer gig means that no stone goes unturned to keep you engaged, active and interested in more.  AND!  If that's not enough for ya.....there's a method to all of this too that your body is hearing.....chage it up, keep it guessing and watch the results come quicker than you think.  Is it an overnight happening, nope...not in any way,'s the steps in the right direction and designed for anyone, in any stage of their fitness journey.

Please, always rememeber to check with your Dr. before beginnig this or any other workout program.  Always remember to drink plenty of water and warm up and stretch out.  Here comes episode 231 of Fit and Healthy With Becky Brought to you by Trinity Health.


We can see the results right through the screen. WOW! (Not really, but who can resist a compliment?)  If you are a first time worker outer, keep coming back.  If you are a veteran, rewind and do it again!  Keep in mind too that when Becky is not helping people with their personal fitness goals, she's out there finding them the dream home they are looking for with her realtor work!  You can find her linked below.

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