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Our weekly feature with Attorney Shon Cook digs into some hard, and dark thoughts this week.  Even Shon kinda gave a shrug just before we started, but the reality is that some areas of Family Law are tough and her profession isn't always for the meek.  


Parental alienation is when one parent or the other decides for some reason or another that they can't do it.  Maybe it's the separation.  It might be a problem mentally or with an addiction issue.  Maybe it's a parent playing a tactic against another or maybe it's a parent who just can't face the idea of feeling that they are a failure and they walk away.  If you can read between the lines here you are seeing what happens a lot in failed relationships.  The degree of what happens is the big issue here.  It's where kids become pawns between parents who can't seem to figure out a better way to get back at each other for things.  Yes, it's more than true that at times, there are circumstances beyond anyone's control, however it's generally the pettiness of one or another that leads to the issue.

Where does it get hard for the courts and attorneys?  Well, it's what's not seen or heard in cases like this.  Alienation could be the walking away stuff.  It could be one parent pitting a child against the other parent.  It could be that vindictiveness escalating to points that Shon says become nightmares for people to sort out and in the middle of it are the kids who the courts have to work with to try and sort out all of mental juggling that goes on between mom and dad, their own emotions, who's telling them what...and then all of the sudden, you've got all these "strangers" around like layers and judges adding to the pressure for the kid.  Can you see how this all piles up?  Think of the level of exhaustion we've got collectively now and then put that in the mindset of a child. 

Shon shares some stories, and some past experience this week.  Some of it is humans not being the best of humans at times, and that's why we need highly qualified professionals like Shon.  Take a listen. 


This is a tough one.  Wouldn't it be great if people came with warnings and parenting had a users manual?  Well, it doesn't.  If things in your life are in need of some help from a highly qualified Family Law Attorney and Mediator, give Shon a call at 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or CLICK HERE to visit Shon online or at the link below.

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