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Have you ever been in a situation where a Personal Protection Order was needed?  Have you ever been in one that you thought one was?  Well, Attorney Shon Cook is offering some thoughts today on this powerful but sometimes cumbersome way to help protect people when someone in a relationship decides that it's not quite over for them.


A PPO can be filed for a multitude of reasons.  Immediate danger is always there, but things like harassing behavior, being too "touchy", phone calls, internet postings, mail... and other issues can lead to someone seeking a PPO if they feel that they are being encroached upon.  If granted, the PPO removes quite a few things from the person it's placed the losing the right to purchase or posses a firearm, possible loss of children or visitation and arrest.  If a PPO is filed against someone, there's a very limited amount of time to appeal as well.  Can you grasp where this is going?

As we've talked frequently here on Saturdays With Shon, the courts are maxed out.  Backed up and working feverishly to keep things flowing.  If a  PPO is necessary, it's all gotta come to a stop and attention placed on this "mini case" and decisions have to be made rapidly.  Then, add in the idea of the gravity of what's going to be taken away from the person the PPO was issued against, and the necessity of the issue for the person requesting it.  As Shon puts it in out talk this week, it's essentially a "mini trial" minus the amount of work that goes into a regular trial to make sure everything is right.  It's a quick fix for an immediate situation and yes, the resolve is necessary, but it's a lot more behind the curtain than most imagine.  

Let's take a listen to some practical advice as to when a PPO is needed and the workings that go on behind the scenes when one is issued. 


If you're truly having a problem, the courts are there to protect you and the system was built to do just that.  Knowing the workings of the process of a PPO and the value of sticking to the orders on BOTH sides of the situation is paramount too.  If you are asking for that assistance, keep in mind that in the courts's gotten past the point of your ability to handle it.  Going back to what was while the PPO is in place might not be in the best interest.  If a PPO is placed on know a little more about options and consequences now.  If you need a highly qualified Attorney...Shon Cook.  231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or, CLICK HERE to visit her online.  

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