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Monday is here and you know that means Becky is ready to jump right in and get going!  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health and it's your beginning of the week motivator to take care of YOU!  Hey, you're kind of a big deal ya know and to make sure that you're doing the basics to stay in shape and stick around a while for those you kinda get the picture. 


This week, Becky is embarking on some work outs with dumbbells and you might think it's all about the arms.  Well, you can go right on ahead and guess again.  Becky is going to get that entire body of yours moving as she shows you more ways to put some light to medium weight dumbbells to work.  It's a full body blast this week and keeping in mind the idea that strength, conditioning, toning and cardio are all part of the total package of your over all health, Becky is coming at you with both barrels.  

Always check with your Dr. before beginning this or any other workout program.  Drink plenty of water, warm up, stretch out and let's get ready to rock!  It's episode 235 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health on the Muskegon Channel.


That was such an awesome workout we can see you glistening from here!  Yes, you are so amazing you're glistening.  Make sure to repeat this 2 or three times.  That's the most effective use of these programs.  They are designed to give you the procedure, you handle the follow through.  Becky records at the Neal Fitness Center at the Boys and Girls Club on Muskegon Lake and Trinity Health is the Title Sponsor of her show.  We are thankful to both for their help in bringing you Fit and Healthy.  

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