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Attorney Shon Cook is back after a little time off.  She and the fam took off on a little vacation to recharge some.  Vacation give a little time to ponder and recharge too.  After all, the amount of legal know how she shares and plain talk common advice that people can easily understand is a lot to keep fresh and she does a remarkable job of it.  Kinda the Iowa girl mindset she grew up with and practices daily.


This week, Shon is sharing a story of a struggle she's experienced more than once on both sides of a case.  People and their words.  Yes, with words come consequences and if you take a minute to read a tiny bot more, and more importantly, take a listen to our conversation this week, you're going to learn a lot.  Freedom of speech has been batted around a lot, and there are two people here both with remarkable insight on those three words.

Yes, freedom of speech means you can say what you like.  In the case of Shon, sometimes it's a really big help or hinderance however.  Being in family law, she's tasked quite often with building a case for or against visitation with kids and parents.  Easy right?  Well....let's say that parent A spends day after day sending nothing but hate filled text messages, emails and internet trash?  If she's working for you to help secure or gain more parenting time, it's probably not in your best interest to spend all of your spare time trying to make your ex's life hell.  Why?  Well, you are going before a Judge.  Which is the base word of judgement.  Which will be made about your case and even if you left behind someone who literally deserves to be cussed down at every opportunity from the highest of mountains, a stack of evidence in the form of your unhinged messaging is going to count against you.  Andy's thoughts are the responsibility he's carried in nearly 40 years of broadcasting and how having the right to say what you want to say has always carried higher consequences for him and how in today's world, it's changed so very much.

Word matter.  They really do and understanding that words can pile up on you and the nuance of the words and how they are chosen is essential in more ways than one.  We met up in the employee break room of OMG this week, take a listen.


This was a great talk. To add in too that Shon and I don't always see eye to eye on things can't hurt either, however.....we are both judged on a level of one word at times. It's that critical to what we do in either a court room or broadcast setting. You are welcome to take from this what you will, but the idea of an economy of words when it comes to reacting to problems with an ex over things....that's best worked out with anyone but the world of texts, emails and social media....not only because it's ammo against you, it's really a last ditch effort to sink to that. If you need the help of Shon and her incredible team, call 231-894-0909. You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email Shon directly and you can VISIT SHON ONLINE too by clicking on the image below.

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