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We are up and at 'em on a Monday morning at the Neal Fitness Center with a new episode of Fit and Healthy with Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.  It's a great way to launch your week with a little pep in your step, a chance to flush out any of the weekend excess you may have found and if it's your first crack at a healthier lifestyle, it's the beginning of a new day for the rest of your life!


We are back outside this week on the shores of Muskegon Lake behind the Neal Fitness Center in the Boys and Girls Club.  Becky has the dumbbells out but this isn't a workout focusing on arms only.  She's going to take you all over your body with arms, legs, core and more but using the little added weight that she's got with her, it's only a way to improve what's being shown.  You are welcome to use a weight that fits your fitness level.  If you can go a little heavier, go for it.  If you need a little less, that's ok too.  What you need above all is the desire to do it.  The recommendation is to do the workouts Becky provides three times through for the maximum effect!  We're working on that whole body ya know.  Strength, cardio, stamina and tone.  They are all important.

We have to remind you.  Drink plenty of water.  Remember to warm up, stretch out and always consult a Dr. before you begin this or any other workout program.  Fit and Healthy With Becky is brought to you by Trinity Health on The Muskegon Channel.  


You are now alive, awake, alert and enthusiastic.  At least that's how the song went at camp way back when!  Good on ya for making the right choices to get in shape or stay in shape!  If you'd like to see about some of Becky's personal training options, you can get in touch with her for that as well as her real estate career!  She's all about making life better for people every way she can and her commitment goes far beyond what you see here!  Thanks to Trinity Health as well as the Neal Fitness Center for their help with Fit and Healthy. 

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