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I have been saying it more and more lately it seems, no one rolls up hill.  I am talking about aging of course and here in the early 50's outside of some forgetfulness and bones beginning to creek, I don't really think the impact of aging has really begun.  However, like anyone else in their 50's who's still incredibly blessed to have their parents, the harsh reality is that some of the signs of slipping and slowing down are starting to show up, and even at 50, that's closer in life than it is far away.  What happens when decisions have to be made in care for older parents when they can't do it themselves any more?


Attorney Shon Cook is here to talk about that this week on her feature Saturdays With Shon.  In the legal world, there are a couple different ways of assisting in decision making.  This weeks discussion really digs in to the different dynamics of things like the difference between conservatorship and guardianship and what those assignments mean.  She's also talking about the different ways that people are handling these situations when it comes to making decisions with a court of though mediation which is a highly effective way of handling some of these more personal issues without leaving the decision up to an impartial judge. 

One of the remarkable advantages of having Shon here weekly too is that not only can she share the nuts and bolts of the workings, she's got the experience and finesse to deal with the human side of this.  Hey, parents are slowing down. The term "greying divorce" comes up again.  Could some paperwork help?  Back to the family can siblings best work through the "who gets what" stuff?  Then too, mom and dad....think about what goes into the decision that it's time to start helping those who helped you.  All very difficult matters and a compassionate and caring attorney and mediator like Shon is exactly who you need on your side.  Take a listen. 


Remember the old saying "don't be in a rush to grow up"?  Stuff like this has got to be what they are talking about.  Making decisions for those who you once saw as invincible is a situation no one ever wants to be in.  If you have come to that point however, knowing that caring and good people are there to help guide you through the legal system or the process of mediation in some cases is a tremendous relief and the best outcome for clients is what Shon is after, all of the time.  To speak with Shon you can call 231-894-0909, you  can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. here and of course, visit Shon ONLINE by clicking on the image below.

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