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Weekly, Attorney Shon Cook comes by and shares some thoughts about the often very complicated profession she handles with amazing grace.  So much plays into family law when it's needed that hearing more about different situations over time, when the pressure isn't on is kind of what this series is about.  That way, should a necessity pop up where you need the assistance of Shon or another attorney, it all won't seem so intimidating.


This week, there's a key phrase that's going to pop out at ya.  "Everyone thinks it's an emergency in a family law situation".  Yup.  When it's you in the middle of the pickle, it's an emergency.  Be it a partner who's made a threat or a child who's not come home from a visit to a parents on time, the blood pressure can sky rocket and the pressure is on.  How about some even more extreme cases?  Shon highlights a really hard situation where one person literally cut off another from everything.  Not even access to a debit card.  Is that far enough of a spat to seek an emergency order?

If not an emergency order by a judges standard, what's the next step and who can you count on to help you know if you would have enough on your plate to need an emergency order?  Shon Cook explains it all this week in Saturdays With Shon. 


When life gets to one of those boiling points, even knowing that an Attorney like Shon Cook who can probably tell you in advance what a judge will do in a situation is an ace up your sleeve.  If you do need them, that's why the laws are in place and able to be put to work for you by highly qualified professionals.  Shon can be reached at 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or, VISIT SHON ONLINE.  

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