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The alarm clock went off this morning and the first thought you had was "I can't wait to see what Becky has for me this week!"  Right? 


Well, it's another special episode as we wrap up our 4 week visit to the historic and beautiful Milwaukee Clipper in Muskegon.  It's been our small salute to this amazing piece of living history and more so, our salute to Captain Bob Priefer who celebrated his 100th birthday recently.  Bob is the retired Captian of the ship and a living monument to our maritime history in Muskegon and a shining example of being a great human.  We're so thankful to the Milwaukee Clipper for the chance to bring you these shows.

Becky is going ot make your core a little firmer, your back a little stronger and your balance a little more focused this week.  Might need a mat if you have one, a couple of lower weight dumbbells if you'd care to add a little extra resistance and an attitude of being able to get going no matter where you are on the fitness journey.  The recommendation is that you complete the workout 3 times through for the maximum results.

As with any workout, please consult your Dr. first.  Remeember to drink plenty of water and warm up and stretch out.  It's episode 243 of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health as we bid a fond farewell to the Milwaukee Clipper. 


Great use of a dance floor that was made before the Titanic huh? Rich history? We've got it.  The Milwaukee Clipper is open for tours Thursday through Sunday and it's a fascinating view for young and old.  To travel back in time to see what defined luxury travel on the Great Lakes in a by gone era where travel was not as pressing and hectic.  People took the time to sit and talk to each other instead of isolating with headphones and tablets.  Nowhere else but Muskegon will you find the ability to see first hand the majesty and beauty of the Milwaukee Clipper.  Treat yourself and your family to a unique and fun adventure. 

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