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We share thoughts and insights for you weekly with Attorney Shon Cook about her field and how she works to help assure the best outcome her her clients.  The hope is that with her engagement here you are a smarter and more savvy consumer should you need the assistance of an Attorney.  Shon's focus is family law, but this weeks discussion covers some general thoughts and is applicable to not only those who need the courts and attorneys to help them, but it's also to benefit her colleagues in the field.


We're circling back to the idea of litigation fatigue.  People are tired everywhere and that includes in the courts.  Some courts are still so backed up that judges are extending hours into 7:30-8p at night to work through some of their cases digitally if they can and some are rolling back start times earlier and earlier in the morning.  Add in the ideas that like most places, staffing is an issue....and in the courts case, there's an awful lot of human emotion involved in cases which adds in a layer of pressure for everyone involved and things keep getting harder and harder.  It's not going to get back to "normal" in a few months post COVID.  We have a long time to work together on this in the legal world.

What can be done?  Begin with patience.  Hey, we have people working to help people.  Tired people working to help people.  Can a resolution be found in mediation?  That's a pretty good way to get things handled and save yourself the "surprise" of having a 3rd party make a decision for you.  Exploring options and helping to reduce the load when possible is an attainable goal and Shon has the advice and methods that can help make it work.

We met up just outside Shon's office to get the 4-1-1.  Take a listen.


If you remember back to the beginning of the pandemic we heard "We're in this together", and as long as we're talking fatigue, yes...we're all fatigued on that too.  Together is going to go on a while still and some of the process' we have while finding new and more efficient ways through the pandemic were a plus, others need to rely on the traditional methods and we're gonna need to be willing to make it work for the best outcomes for all.  If you need the assistance of Shon and her staff, 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or CLICK HERE to visit her online.

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