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Shon Cook is an awesome sponsor of our work and we're not only thankful for her support of our work, but her contributions for our work are priceless in the fact that she makes legal jargon easy to understand for just about anyone and weekly, she's here to help explain some of the legalities that are above most anyone's pay grade, or some scenario's which she's had fist hand dealings with and can share direct experience with you as a benefit.

Last week we talked about litigation fatigue and this week, we're back to something that could be hashed out in court...but mediation could also be a very effective solution as well, because as we've mentioned in the past, litigation leaves the decision up to an impartial judge.  Mediation gives those with interest in the decision more flexibility in what the final say is should an agreement be reached, and this time..we're talking about what school should a child attend in the event of a parental separation. 


The nitty gritty of it is this.  A judge has a set of rules they have to follow when it comes to deciding where a child is placed.  It's up to them at the end of it.  In a mediation setting, so much more can be considered and you control the outcome.  It's a lot to consider when it comes to your child's education and future.  This can also help alleviate the workload in the courts that was spoken of last week.  It's not an easy time when a family is no longer together but the ability to make good decisions for the kids should come first and working in mediation, you will have trained professionals helping guide you through the steps to help achieve the outcome that's best for all involved and that's the goal of Shon in any case she represents.

If you need to find the assistance of a highly qualified Family Law Attorney, call Shon at 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and you can of course, find her ONLINE at her website linked below. 

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