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It's a topic that is not easy to talk about in any form and one that most wish wouldn't even have to be addressed.  Domestic violence is as ugly as it gets and the victims of it and not limited to gender or age.  Domestic violence is also a very human tragedy that goes so much further than one physical act or instance.  So much comes into play between control, fear, physical damage, emotional damage and the overall manipulation of someone that the layers add up quick, shame is often too heavy to bear and the cycle repeats for generations. 

In court however, is Shon is representing a victim of domestic violence, she's got some work cut out for her.  Sure, she's not a criminal attorney but in the event of a marriage ending, how can she approach a judge and argue for her client saying that there was abuse in the relationship without proof?  It's going to be a difficult thing for some, but proof has to be kept.  Pictures taken and stored somewhere off site.  Detailed notes kept of incidents that occur as to where, when and what the circumstances were that caused the problem.  It's also a pretty good idea to confide in someone you trust that something is happening and that they should be aware.  


As we mentioned at the opening of this weeks article.  This is not easy and is a very deep human tragedy for all involved.  The perpetrator for thinking that somehow that's how they maintain their authority in a relationship and the victim for somehow thinking that it's their fault and that things will change?  Families hiding in the shadows living in fear of the time the phone might ring and the loss of a loved one is the news?  How about the job that has to happen in court should a divorce become part of the solution and there's nothing to show what went on other than one word against another?  The stakes are high and the damage is very real.  

If this is happening to you....the EVERY WOMAN'S PLACE 24 HOUR CRISIS LINE IS 231-722-3333.  If your life is in danger call 911.  Every Woman's Place also has an online chat option you can find on their WEBSITE

If you need the help of Shon and her very caring staff, call 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of VISIT SHON ONLINE, her website is linked below.

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