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It's a saying that a lot of couples employ between one another or among friends.... "What's mine is mine and what's his is mine".  Shared assets in a marriage are part of life.  We have what we have and if all goes right when we marry, we double what we have and spend a lifetime together building and growing.  That's the American Dream right? 

Lives change, people change and the American Dream shifts from time to time and then and again.  As we've talked before, no one goes after the happily ever after with a finish line in site.  Should the wheels fall off, the division of assets can be difficult especially when it comes to who had what before the marriage happened and what was accumulated during the time people were married.  Attorney Shon Cook is talking about the dynamics of dividing assets this week in her segment.  It's a really informative discussion about who had what, and it's especially topical to those who might be in a second marriage or considering one.  Take a listen.


Timing is key when it comes to the separation.  When were purchases made?  When were accounts open?  If we're talking about an inheritance when did was it gifted?  It's all a part of the mix and to have someone who can help sort it out is key.  The levels of complication are deep when it comes to who's is who's.  How to calculate what's been accumulate over the years and what's been built is what needs to be sorted out.  Shon and her team are the areas best at compassionate care for clients who are in need of assistance through mediation or litigation when it comes to division of assets.  Call 231-894-0909 to reach Shon by phone.  You canThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Or visit Shon ONLINE HERE or click on the image below. 

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