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In the legal world, as we've talked since we began with Shon, there's never really that "gotcha moment" like we see in the crime shows and movies.  It's really about preparation, execution and proper procedures and a dedicated team of people who can guide you through the litigation or mediation process.

With that, there's a little work that has to come in on your end by way of being prepared to help her, help you. See how the title of this weeks show lent itself to the topic?  We strive for that kind of thing.  What is it that you need to be prepared for a visit with a highly qualified Attorney like Shon however?  You can't just show up and expect that she and her team, or any other attorney will be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat.  No, we're not doing magic, we're working real issues and untangling real human problems.  Take a listen.  


Having the necessary documents and records is essential to begin the process and should you be part of the process and let's say it's not of your choosing....a visit to an attorney isn't a great time and that's understood.  The important part is to help save time and most of all the costs associated with what is entailed into quality representation.  Attorney's and their staff are 99.9% of the time highly dedicated to their profession and their success rate.  Think of your end of the relationship like are fueling their work.  If you are the plaintiff, you are giving them all of the tools they need to help you achieve the results you hope for.  If you are the defendant, you are working to get to a resolution at the lowest cost and with as little hassle as possible.  A proper approach is all it really takes to understand why highly qualified Attorney's like Shon and her staff  are worth the investment in your time of need.

You can connect with Shon by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to email her directly.  You can call 231-894-0909 or, you can always visit Shon ONLINE by clicking on the photo below. 

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