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To take the opportunity to be able to show you one of the first looks at the all new Andy Blair Sports Complex inside the Folkert Community Hub was not to be missed and with the Grand Opening just happening yesterday after a "bit of a delay" due to the pandemic, we jumped right at the chance to let the camera's roll and bring you yet another amazing series of Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.

This week and for the next few, we'll be taking you around the new facility.  You'll see some of the space while Becky does her thing.  You'll need some 10 pound dumbbells this week for a little added resistance if you'd care for it.  It's important to warm up, stretch out and remember to drink plenty of water.  Fit and Healthy with Becky episode 248, brought to you by Trinity Health is on the Muskegon Channel.


We have long been a partner and friend with No More Sidelines and the amount of work that has gone into the "Hub" over the years has been simply amazing.  The growth of the organization as well has been a tremendous look at ourselves as a community and the value we place on things like inclusion and diversity and it all stemmed from a little girl wanting the same opportunities that her siblings had to just do normal things.  One tiny voice, with one tiny question set forth a chain of events that forever impacted the lives of families first, then the community as a whole and we all got a pretty good look at what we thought made is different, we really have more in common. 

Think of it all.  We have something good for YOUR health.  We have something GREAT for our community with the Andy Blair Sports Complex opening up.  We have a REMARKABLE sponsor in Trinity Health helping bring you such incredible things and we have yet another amazing export from Muskegon in No More Sidelines where we can all see first hand that different is only a perception.  Together is real.

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