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Welcome to Monday as we return to the new and recently opened Andy Blair Sports Complex inside the Folkert Communiuty Hub which is the home of No More SIdelines in Norton Shores.  Becky is back for her second week in this incredible facility that offers an incredible space for the families of No More Sidelines, but like the rest of the facility, it serves as a "Hub" of activity for the rest of our community too.  They have abundant space for meetings, receptions and gatherings.  They also have a giant commerical kitchen and with the addition of the Sports Complex, a facility for those who want to sweat a little!

Speaking of sweating.....Becky has some busines to do with you here.  It's episode 240 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health.  She's going to get a little bit of all your parts but plan on some work focused on your legs and core.  If you have a resistance band, great...if you don't that's ok too or you can use something strecthy around the house.  Got tie downs out in the garage?  They will do!

Like any workout, please....make sure you warm up, stretch out and drink plenty of water.  Ask your doc if beginning this or any exercise program is ok for you and buckle up butter cup.  Fit and Healthy With Becky episode 249, brought to you by Trinity Health is on The Muskegon Channel.



That's the stuff right there! Now rewind and do this a couple more times and make it the full workout.  Becky's quest is simple.  Provide you with the skill set needed to get on board with a workout that is shaped for anyone....beginner, intermediate or advanced.  Get you into the routine and get you to commit to making this part of your daily life.  It's that easy.  We're so thankful to the Andy Blair Sports Complex and No More Sidelines for giving us the spot to film for a couple weeks and of course, Trinity Health for bringing you the show!  

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