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Shon Cook is a Family Law Attorney and weekly she spends a little time with us talking legalities and helping people understand the importance of her work and understanding why finding a qualified and compassionate attorney is so vital.  Litigation is sometimes necessary, but it's also not the only option and as we talked last week, her firm is changing names in the near future to reflect that.  Tabano Law will be the same compassionate legal team but they will work to find solutions based on every case with option like mediation and more.  Finding a resolution through litigation leaves the final decision in the hands of a judge.

This week, let's talk about who's at fault in a divorce.  When a marriage comes to an end, it can be an immediate blame game.  Yes, there are plenty of fingers to point but in court, things get pretty cut and dry pretty quickly.  Michigan in fact, you don't even need to prove fault for a divorce.  Getting down to business on equitable division property relies on 14 factors....and only one of the factors.  It's a factor in the final judgement, but it's also only one factor.  No one is going to "get everything" because someone cheated, is what it comes down to.  Shon explains.  


While between two people it really can come down to a "fault" but as we mentioned, in the eyes of the court, it's 14 points of determination.  Do you want to leave it to litigation for that?  Would mediation and settlement be a better route where the parties can decide the outcome?  This is the evolution of Shon's law firm in the coming months.  Intelligent, practical solution based results that are the best outcome for her clients.

Give Shon Cook a call at 231-894-0909.  You can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to e-mail Shon directly and of course, visit the Law Offices of Shon Cook ONLINE!. 

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