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It's been an amazing few weeks at the Andy Blair Sports Complex inside the Folkert Community Hub in Norton Shores and we're really thankful they gave us the chance to show you the space!  Like anything else in the home of No More Sidelines, it's an amazingly well appointed first class facility and it's open for use outside of the times that the families of the No More Sidelines organization are using it, so if you have a rec league or a group that likes physical activity, stopping in to see them on Seminole Road is a great first step!

On to business at hand here today though!  Becky is at the center of the gym and the cameras are WAY up top for the filming!  It's a full body workout today.  Arms, legs core and more!  As always, go three times through for the complete workout and if you are really after it, come back later today and go through it three more times!!  Always remember to check with your Dr. before you begin this or any other workout.  Drink plenty of water, warm up...stretch out and let's roll!!  It's episode 251 of Fit and Healthy With Becky brought to you by Trinity Health. 


Incredible! Give yourself a pat on the back and know that no matter where you are on your fitness journey, you did more than someone else today!  BOOM!  Tomorrow, do a little more.  It grows on you quickly and the results last a while too!!  Becky's goal is to help keep you Fit and Healthy and she's also always happy to help you with the next big move!  If you are looking to buy or sell a home, she's got ya covered there too!  Visit Becky's REALTOR PAGE.  Many thanks once again to Trinity Health for bringing you Fit and Healthy With Becky.

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