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Shon had some continuing education this week, so we rewinding a few to bring you an episode that first ran back in April discussion divorce and bankrupcty. 

Bankruptcy and divorce being close partners shouldn’t be a surprise. When things start to go south in a relationship chances are that other areas of life are going to get a little messy too. Think about the time in the ending of that relationship when it becomes more or less everyone for themselves? A whole lot of ugly can happen quick and the help of highly qualified attorneys like Shon who have seen whet can happen from the 1000 foot view point are essential.

If debt is being divided in a divorce it’s one thing. However if in the divorce proceedings one party files for a bankruptcy it causes an immediate chain of events that puts the brakes on everything. After all, as the courts are being asked to divide assets and liabilities between two parties and all of the sudden they are frozen as bankruptcy decides….you can see where this is going. Add in too that when one party decides to go the bankrupt route, the creditors will look to who else might have been on the account when the debt was assumed and then they are coming after party 2.

Yes, this is where we let Shon come in with her incredible level of expertise. Take a listen.


As mentioned in the video, no one is standing there facing a divorce or bankruptcy feeling like a champion. Life's experiences help form who we are and we're not all equipped to handle them alone. Shon and her staff have the Family Law end of things under control and if you need help with the bankruptcy, she referred to Vincent Carlson for that end of things. Let's move past those days and what can come of them with the help of those who are professionals in their fields. It's the first and most essential step toward a new beginning. Give Shon a call at 231-894-0909. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and of course you can visit Shon ONLINE.

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