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We last left you in the fall atmosphere of Roosevelt Park as October's rust had it's last grip on the area.  It's been a couple of weeks of life getting in the way but we're back and while we left off with some lightweight beginners stuff, Becky is coming at ya guns a blazing.

We're in the temporary home of the Neal Fitness Center.  It's located in the Fresh Coast Alliance building just off Apple Ave while the renovations are underway downtown at the Boys and Girls Club.  Let me tell ya.  The temporary home has an awesome feel to it.  It's dark and cool, it's filled with all of the essential equipment for a complete workout and the amenities might be scaled back for a little bit, but there's an alliance here that will be beneficial to the community on a level you might not expect.  

The Fresh Coast Alliance is a organization dedicated to helping those who are leaving the prison system, stay out of the prison system and change their life for good.  Just like the Boys and Girls Club working to impact the future, Fresh Coast is coming in at a stage where change can and does happen for people and they can turn a corner and never repeat the cycle of recidivism.  The support of the Neal Fitness Center at their facility will help financially as well as helping people learn more about the work they do.

It's pretty incredible what happens when people look for good things huh?

Grab your water!  Grab your medicine ball!  Make use you warm up, stretch out and consult your Dr before you begin this or any workout program.  It's episode 256 of Fit and Healthy With Becky on the Muskegon Channel.


A couple week off....did she kill ya?  Remember, three times through for an effective workout that elevates your cardio as well as strengthens and tones.  This is a great way to maintain or begin and then plow headlong into the winter months in the comfort of your own home if you want to maintain that fitness regimen.  We appreciate your patience as we were missing a couple weeks.  It's that cold and flu time of year.  We're back at it next week with another episode, so stay tuned! 

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