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The January Rush?  Is that a thing?  Is Shon talking about the rush back to the stores to return gifts?  Is it the rush to get the tree down and put the ornaments away before the cat get them?  No, the January rush is the time of the year when resolutions are put in to action and life change is happening, and in and of that life change....sometimes it's where the road parts and a divorce attorney is needed. 

Shon's observations on it come from years of experience.  Maybe it's the time of the year.  Maybe it's the renewal of the season.  Maybe it's the hope of keeping it together for one last holiday together, but like clock work, January comes and the area attorney's offices get busy quick because people are ready to reboot.  Like most of what we talk about here with Shon, the average wouldn't give it much of a second thought that everyone else is planning major life changes at the same time, but as creatures go, us humans are not all that much different from one another.  We have a lot of the same patterns and behaviors that we don't talk about, but act out and it's sometimes specialized fields like an attorney that can spot trends.

Like we talk about plenty too, a little preparing ahead with an attorney can ease up the process.  It might be your ideal to let the holiday's come and go, but chances are your mind is made up and preparing in advance can help.  Shon explains that it's a matter of getting to the point of knowing and then beginning the process so that the best outcome for all can be sought and life can hopefully move on for all.  Take a listen.



The holidays are difficult for some, and with the idea that some might be holding the thoughts in their head that this might be the last holiday together as a family, no matter how it's not working so well, well....let's all make it through the next few weeks with the thought that grace is always in fashion.  Some might be struggling, we don't always know the path people are walking.  If you are at a crossroads however and a change is needed, call Shon at 231-894-0909.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by clicking on that link and of course, VISIT SHON ONLINE BY CLICKING HERE or her image below. 

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