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Shon Cook is an amazing sponsor of our work and contributor to the Muskegon Channel.  Weekly, she spends a few minutes trying to help our viewers understand some of the more complicated areas of the Family Law world.  There's so much that goes in to these kind of things and unless you are well practiced at all of it, it's an overwhelming experience.  In a service industry like the legal world, the approach of an informed consumer is Shon's philosophy. 

This week, it's a discussion about custody and it's a little more complex.  If a child is placed in guardianship of someone, and there's a time that comes that the guardians wish to adopt that child, there are two very distinct paths that can come in to play and that is the discussion this week.  Yes, it's a little more to try and download than most weeks due to the nature of the issue.  Terminating parental rights is a difficult process unless a parent is agreeable to relinquishing them.  It can involve a great deal of work and determination from the courts and council should a parent not be willing or unable to be contacted.  It's also not really a new thing and Andy dips into history a little to try and share an example.  The conversation should be listened to carefully this week.  There's a lot to unpack. 


The in's and out's of the legal system can be very difficult and the understanding of a compassionate and comprehensive legal team like the staff at Shon Cook Law, soon to be Tabono Law is there for you.  From mediation to litigation and more there's no better team to see to it that the best outcome is attained for their clients.  To reach Shon, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  You can CLICK HERE to visit her online or call 231-894-0909.

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