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We are so proud to welcome Tabono Law on for 2023 as a partner and contributor.  The name is new but the advice and welcoming discussion that makes some of the more difficult things in the legal world a lot easier to understand with Attorney Shon Cook.  Shon and her staff are transition to the new name to expand and grow to offer a broader scope of services to those who are in need of Family Law help.  The range of experience is vast and if you need mediation or litigation, Tabono Law is the first call in West Michigan.

As we step into the New Year, Shon is bringing up a pretty common part of court proceeding, exhibits!  Anything brought into a court case to support either side of the argument can be an exhibit.  Photographs, video...which interestingly enough is considered a photograph...objects, letters, texts, maybe voice mail messages.  Like anything in the legal world, there are rules and procedures in place over exhibits and Shon is going to discuss those this week and talk about the immense amount of planning that goes into presenting an exhibit in a case and some of what goes on leading up to the actual court appearance. 

Some thoughts pop up from Andy which might seem to come from out of left field.  Andy comes at Shon from an unexpected angle on some of the things technology could present as well as digs back through the archives of the courtroom dramas we've been exposed to over the years to see if it "really works that way".  Shon is on top of it.  Take a listen.



While there might still not be that "gotcha" moment, there is plenty to consider when we're talking about what is to be displayed and what isn't at a trial. This is also something to consider if you may have some pending legal action and the possibility of needing the services of Tabono Law. Text messages, Ring Doorbells, Emails, video surveillance cameras...they can all be exhibits.  A gentle reminder that practicing your best behavior is always in good form and the old saying about "anything you say can and will be used against you in court"... we're not talking Miranda Rights here...but it's applicable in exhibits.  

Tabono Law has an all new and updated website to better serve their clients.  CLICK HERE to visit the beautiful new online home of Tabono Law.  You can still call 231-894-0909 or you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at her new email address!  Here's to a great 2023 of more incredible information from Tabono Law. 


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