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Here it is.  The doldrums of winter begin in earnest as we send the last of the rug rats back to school, the trips to Florida and Alabama are complete and we begin to look ahead to Valentines Day wistfully.  That is unless of course you're in a store where Valentines Day is staring you in the face with all of the chocolaty goodness and conversation hearts that you can possibly imagine.  Luckily, by next week, they will all be on clearance and St. Patrick's Day will be here and that means spring. 

Between now than then, we have a way to keep you moving and in good shape and we'll continue to deliver that weekly with Fit and Healthy With Becky, brought to you by Trinity Health.  Becky has some light to mid weight dumbbells and a step up bench this week and she's going to be working your legs, arms and midsection.  Let's face it too....spring ain't far off.  Let's get to it.

Please make sure that you check with your Dr. before you begin this or any workout program.  Drink plenty of water and remember to warm up, stretch out and repeat this workout 3 times through.  Here comes Fit and Healthy Episode 259 brought to you by Trinity Health on the Muskegon Channel.   


2 more times through.  Let's get 'er done!  It's an investment in yourself and a way to make sure the bare minimum is spent on your future.  If you're still in resolution mode, great.  Blown it already?  Not a big deal!  You don't need a resolution to do what's good for you, only a desire!  

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