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Tabono Law is a Family Law practice founded by Attorney Shon Cook.  It's a symbol of strength for their clients in the world of litigation or mediation to help find the best outcome for life's toughest situations.  She and her dedicated team put in hours of work to make sure that the help needed is the best that can be provided.  Shon also joins us here to help people understand some of the intricacies of the legal world in a way that's a lot easier to understand.

This week, court appearances are the topic.  There are two angles here.  The first is appearing in court.  Understanding the importance of and the dignity of the people involved in a court proceeding.  It's generally not the first choice for anyone to be in a court, we all know that, however, you are among highly skilled professionals who are tasked to help sort out what you could not and to bring the minimal amount of respect to that process is required.  Be on time.  Be prepared, be active in knowing where you have to be and why and know in advance what to expect.  Your attorney will help you prepare for this and outside of a major disaster that was unforeseen or circumstances that made it impossible for you to be there...your role is essential and living up to it is too.  Courts are back to mostly in person but if you are part of a digital meeting in court, the same rules apply.

We do dip in to the idea of "appearance" as well.  Shon thinks of a case or two where the attire may have been less than appropriate.  There are also plenty of things that were noticed in court proceedings during the pandemic which would be surprising on just about any video conference let alone one where major decisions are made....there may be a little something to shake your head over when you hear some of what's been seen.  People are going to "people" and yes, judges had set a list of "what not to do" in a digital court appearance.  Take a listen.



Going to court, it's not everyone's first choice.  However, keeping in mind that they are extremely busy and staffed by people who need to work efficiently and with purpose is key.  Trying to be a "fly in the ointment" because things are not going your way is probably not going to work in your favor if you are not willing to live up to your end of the bargain when it comes to being punctual, prepared and willing to work through the process.  The same goes for your personal appearance and your preference for Crocks might be better saved for another occasion.

Tabono Law can be FOUND ONLINE HERE.  You can call Tabono Law at 231-894-0909 and of course, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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